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Commercial Pilot Question Bank - Operations

The FAA Commercial Pilot test bank contains questions pertaining to Operations . The following list contains only a relatively small percentage of the pertinent questions. Our software, which you are free to download now at no cost, will generally contain a much more complete set of questions associated with this test bank. This list is intended only to familiarize you in a general way with the questions of the Commercial Pilot test bank.

Did you know? Despite their claims of completeness, the FAA test banks provided by several other online test preparation sources are woefully incomplete. Read more about the situation here. Our GroundSchool FAA written test preparation software generally contains a much more up to date and complete question set and in no way suffers from such deficiencies. In fact, it's the best way to prepare for your FAA written test, period.

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That said, while the following questions are intended as a general familiarization tool, this list may not be up-to-date nor accurate. We do not update this website as often as we update our software, which will contain at any moment all questions that we have for a given test / topic. Therefore, if you need to actually study for your test, instead of using the list below, we strongly, strongly encourage you to download our GroundSchool Commercial Pilot written test prep software. Not only is it more complete and more up to date, but it also includes answers and explanation and has many features to make your study fast and efficient.

Sample Questions from the FAA Commercial Pilot Test Bank



The list above contains 1/4 or less of the actual number of questions and may not be up to date! Download the software today to get access to all available questions.

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